Zaragoza 2008 highlighted the commitment of Local Governments to tackle climate protection

“More than hot air – Local Action on Climate Change“ highlighted that global warming effects require that all levels of government, and cities in particular, not only adopt declarations but take action.

The commitment of ICLEI members and other local governments to tackle climate change was demonstrated, notably by the large number of represented cities and also by the significant presence of mayors, vice-mayors and leading local decision-makers attending the event.

Thank you to the 230 participants and speakers, from 25 different countries, who helped make the ICLEI European Members Convention in Zaragoza 2008 a great success!


Latest Updates

NEW! Presentations from speakers are now available for downloading!

NEW! You can also download a PDF copy of the final programme



What were the aims of Zaragoza 2008?

  • Present key approaches to the challenges resulting from climate change by leading local governments that have committed themselves to achieving reduction targets beyond national objectives.
  • Present cornerstones for and determine key elements to the positioning of European Local Governments in the global climate debate towards the UN Climate Summits in Poznań 2008 and Copenhagen 2009
  • Facilitate cooperation and identify potential joint projects among ICLEI Members, addressing ICLEI’s programmes, strategies and partners
  • Provide a platform for European input into ICLEI’s global strategic development that shall be defined at the next ICLEI World Congress in 2009 in Edmonton, Canada

Your contributions to the Local Government Climate Roadmap

Comments and contributions of ICLEI members and other local governments during the various workshops have helped us to identify possible tendencies for the positioning and commitment of European local governments in a post-2012 UN climate agreement. 

These were brought together in the form of a “role-play” message as if ICLEI European members and local governments were addressing the next meeting of the United Nations. You can download a PDF of this local government message as presented in the final plenary of the ICLEI European Membership Convention in Zaragoza.